you only go 'round..

7. october 2010 at 23:40 | somebody too old for pedobear.
jackiiie big tits!

I'd like to say, that I was on your mind
So I phone you at ten past three, in the afternoon
It's evening for you, and another bare hotel room
So hard to believe, that you're dreaming of me too
But it's true

You only go around, round, round (4x)

And Amsterdam, I never knew you so well
The stadium rings with laughter, at every turn
At flying piano's of all things, to set your scene
I'm such a nice man to you, but so obscene
And it's true girl

You only go around, round, round (4x)

Jackie big tits, is hiding in the corner
Respect is the word she shouts, as I implore her
Speaks her mind not me, 'cos I was only speaking freely
Interupt me once more, I'll take you to the cleaners

You only go around, round, round (4x)

Jackie big tits


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